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 Getting to Know Athletic Director Dr. Earle Paynton

    "Play with passion. Win with dignity. Lose with respect."
        - Dr. Earle Paynton, Athletic Director

Tell us about your formative years in education.

    I actually grew up in Walnut Creek. I attended Bancroft K-6, then Foothill 7th/8th, Northgate, Los Medanos College, then UC Davis. I played baseball and went to the Little League World Series in 1984.

When did you come to Northgate and why?

    To help serve the community and be involved. I believe this area of Walnut Creek is the most beautiful area in the world and I want to help improve this school and community any way that I can.

In your role as athletic director, what are your responsibilities?

    I make sure all coaches are up to date on rules and regulations. I also make sure all student athletes are cleared to participate-communicating with all coaches, parents, administrators, referees, and other teams so things run smoothly. I handle hundreds of daily emails with a wide range of questions.

What is unique about Northgate? What changes have you noticed since you arrived?

    The past parents and parents of current students are what make this school great. Northgate has always had parents that care about their children and development in school and on the field. Involvement has always set us apart from other public schools. In terms of changes, the biggest one for me has been online athletic registration. Going paperless is a huge time saver and space saver for me based on the mountain of paperwork that traditionally goes with this job.

As you think about Northgate's future, what are you most excited about?

    Northgate's future is bright. We have a lot of big plans for the next few years, too much to mention in this interview. Something I envision are huge video boards in the gym and in the stadium that will really add to the excitement, not only to athletics, but to rallies, movie nights, and community events.

What's life like outside of work for you?

    I have another full-time job. I own my own business, Paynton & Paynton Chiropractic, in downtown Walnut Creek where I work six to seven hours a day there, and the other six to seven hours a day I work for Northgate. Right now, my life is really busy but I do enjoy the process. I will help out here for a few years, then retire and enjoy the quiet time.

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